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  1. Anonymous

    Is this project still alive? (smile)

  2. It is. For the past months I've only fixed some bugs though. I'm planning to start working on  FERN-1 - Getting issue details... STATUS  in the next weeks.

  3. Anonymous

    so the java app dies?!


  4. Anonymous

    maybe u could implement your product in guacamole? (smile) they are only able to ssh, rdp, vnc and telnet using html5 already I think...

  5. Anonymous

    something like <protocol>xapp</protocol> would be great (big grin)

  6. Fernapp has different design goals than VNC/Guacamole. For instance, it focuses on seamlessly integrating a single application.

    The current Java client is already designed to form the base of a (Java-free) HTML5 client using GWT. But the implementation has to be completed (wink)

  7. Anonymous

    Hi !

    Still working on this project? Been a year since any update. Meanwhile LibreOffice Online has released a version that works in a Browser. I still think there is huge potential in creating a so-called LibreOffice Server that users can access using a Web Browser.

    I am happy to help co-develop 


  8. You are more than welcome to co-develop. What do you have in mind? imho, the most important task would be to create a web / javascript client for fernapp as a replacement for the applet.

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